A Rainy Weekend

Hoorah! Hoorah!It's raining this weekend. Like, bigtime. In the midst of last night, I woke up from my bed radically banging on the wall. The wind was shaking my entire house!It's all fun and games until the power turns off.Thankfully, that little mishap only lasted a few minutes. (I needz ma internet and electric blanket)Luckily, [...]


Lament Review

Lament by Maggie StiefvaterMaybe 3.5 stars? I haven't decided.To be fair, I wasn't expecting this book to be phenomenal or anything of the sorts. After all, I did find it in a Goodread's "Worst Paranormal YA Romance" list. Which I need to address-- this wasn't paranormal? It was fantasy???If you liked Mark Blackthorn from Lady Midnight, [...]

Black Ice Review

Black Ice by Becca FitzpatrickMore like a 4.75/5Let me get this straight, the first 26 pages- I absolutely HATED. She was super annoying. And used the term "daddy", which we all know I loath from a fully grown girl. But then Mason/Jude/whatever came in… and BAM! The story was… delish! (That's weird to say but it's [...]

Wither Review

Wither by Lauren DeStefano2/5 starsI think this book would've been more interesting if it focused on the first generation's. Because sad world is not fun nor interesting to read about.I don't think I'll be reading the sequels. I thought there'd be more... Substance... To the book, however, I found this book to be quite shallow.I've been comparing [...]


This just in:The sequels to Sweet Evil (yas)and the FINALE to the Lux Series!I also found out I'm getting more wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday... So woohoo? Less pain? But oh god I won't be able to eat or drink or read. Ugh!I'll (hopefully) keep you posted. I still need to read Lament, Hex [...]

W;t Mini-Review

Wit by Margaret EdsonI'd give it much more as it had a wonderful meaning being it. However, it was surely unenjoyable to read. I hated once the dialogue... Sort of... Halved down the page(?). That was unpleasant. I'm sure it's highly entertaining in the play. I also find Bearing a little to pretentious for my liking. I [...]