This isn’t really for you guys, it’s more so you guys know what I’ll be reading in the next few days.

I really want to improve my blog, and make the best content I can contribute!

Here’s a list of articles that I’ll be reading to improve my blog:

I also subscribed to all of them 🙂

the other one


No don’t be silly; not actual friends!

I spent the day taking care of my mother, who’s surgery went better than expected. Hooray! Except her foot has swollen dramatically. I decided to treat her with our favourite Thai food and then I laid in bed all day watching Friends. I kind of put off studying until 8:30pm. I know. It’s bad. I know I said I’d study better since I’ve had a shit of a time struggling with exams. What can I say? I’m really tired. Too tired to read!

So for about 15 minutes I set up what I’ll study for tomorrow, and then the rest of the week. But I didn’t actually do any study. Oh well. I deserve my fun time, damnit.

Then I shamelessly promoted this blog all over goodreads.

Now it’s 10:50PM and I’m ready to roll over and sleep. I’ll be excited for the Olympics- go Australia!

the other one

I skipped day 1 as my TBR pile is waaaay to long. 
Day 2: Fave books. That would have to be Obsidian and Lady Midnight. You guys know how much I love them. Read the reviews here and here. 
Day 3: #booksandtea I finally found this book that I haven’t been able to buy for years! It doesn’t deliver to Australia and it’s not popular enough to be found online. I stumbled across it in my school library in the KIDS section (it is not a child’s fiction!).
Day 4: Title Cover Page- this was a boring day for the challenge but nevertheless here it is. Just me awkwardly holding the book (what is my hand doing???) Uglies (by Scott Westerfield) over the very laptop I’m writing on now. 

Day 5: Book Chevron- this is pretty bla but I don’t have nice areas of my house to shoot at and I’ll be damned if I go outside. Book: The Cage 
Want me to check out yours? Send me the link and I’ll look at the pretty pics! 
the other one

When I have time I’ll update you on this reading challenge.

Feel free to join me!

It’s quite hard to do these when I don’t own a stack of books. I borrow from the library a lot.

the other one

So I decided if I’m going to promote this blog; the IRL friends have ta’ go.

I don’t feel too much embarrassment for them to see my book reviews. It’s the personal stuff I don’t want them to see. I’m sure many of you can relate to that.

Anywho, I find it quite hard to navigate Goodreads. From time to time I’ll post easy How To’s, as a checking point for me but also to help some of you guys if you’re bad at technology like me!

Google’s simple instructions were good enough for me:

To remove a friend, click on the friends icon in the header (the icon directly to the left of your profile image) then the “edit friends” button. Click the X next to the name you wish to remove.

The only issue is that I have to manually do it with each friend. There’s no easy, ‘select all’ way. Then it would have to refresh my page. I’m used to it though as it happens whenever I edit my book shelves on there.

Happy Removing,

the other one

I thought I had no hope.

I somehow memorised 3 essays and successfully answered the questions in the 2 hour period. However I was quite rushed and almost didn’t finish. Almost.

It was horrible leading up to this exam. It was part 2 of my English papers, and I was pretty much done with English and essays.

Once it was over, I thought, “yay! Relaxation! Who cares about my other subjects. English is the one I need to go well in so I get into my Uni course.”

And so absolute calamity overtook me for a good 4-5 hours.

But then all hell broke loose.

I had a Legal exam that went for 3 hours, and realised I still needed to finish my notes on the core study, plus write up 3 essays. AND memorise it all. So far I had made a 10,000 word document with the notes, but I hadn’t read over them nor printed them. So I texted my friend to kindly print it off for me. It was 9pm, but I know I had to study for another 5 hours or so before sleeping.

Just when I thought the waking up at 3am had ended. I promised myself I’d only do that for English.

My mum fell asleep so I couldn’t pick up the notes. I had to pick them up at 7am the next day.

The exam started at 12pm so I knew I could somehow study in the morning, but I knew that’s a last resort. My ethic is don’t bother studying the morning before the test, you’re not going to process anything you review.

Yet, I did. I forced myself to.

I planned to wake up at 5am but slept through my alarm. Like this situation could get any worse. The entire night prior I was working off 3 hours sleep, and in such a state of panic I was shaking the desk. It never stopped, by the way. No matter what breathing exercises I did, cups of tea drank, or reminders from my mum that I don’t want to be a lawyer nor is it important for the future for me. The table just continued to rock. I was convulsing, really. I ended up sleeping form 12-6. At 7pm I picked up my 50 pages of notes. I somehow started work at 8am and finished highlighting and making 4 essay plan tables (bless) by 11am.

Then I tried to goof around and make myself feel lighter (somehow it worked. The hard part was done, I needed to blurt out all the info onto a few pages for a few hours and I’d be done with that). After chatting to my brother about anything and everything (he was home sick with a threat of meningitis), I scoffed my spaghetti down the hatch, brushed my teeth/hair, changed into uniform and packed back all within 15 mins. That was unsettling but hey, once I got to the exam room I was the best I could be. I quickly went to pee and the exam started early!! I was yelled at in front of the other students. At the point I’m at now, I’m 100% done. I need some sleep and fun reading. It’s been study for 5 days straight, 10 hours of study; 3-4 hours of sleep. It’s catching up on me. I have 1 day of freedom, then 3 days to study for my histories.

My mother is going into hospital for the same surgery from a few months ago. I shall be going through the same process as before, all whilst in this stressful period.

I really hope the others aren’t as stressful. I have definitely learnt the value of studying during the day rather than night, and studying as much as possible as earliest as possible. I say all of this now, but 4 days time I’ll probably going through a panic attack for leaving the study to the last minute.

If I pulled that stunt for English like I did for Legal– I can tell you now; I wouldn’t have passed the test. But thankfully, I’ve been blessed my the Humanitarian Gods, who provide me with excellent essay skills and memory for their subjects. Let’s hope I pass! I am trying. I really am. My hardest, even. It hasn’t been my fault for the poor time management for study. That’s due to my teachers designating 3 exams back to back. You’re probably thinking “jeez, only 3?”. Take a look here to see what I have to do.  They’re 3 hour exams, usually with 4 essays (1000 words each), as well as a multi choice and short answer section.

Time to wind down. Tomorrow is going to be a cheat day. I will not feel guilty for not studying. I will catch up on sleep for the next 4 days, not just tomorrow. I will read possibly 2 books to make myself feel better. I will watch a movie to get me in the good spirit.

As a fun treat this afternoon, post- legal exam, I took heaps of Bookstagram pics. I’ll upload here daily (possibly, lets see how the study stress goes) and discuss the books.

the other one

Exam 1 of 7

1st half of my English is complete! Now I frantically have to memorise 3 essays for tomorrow’s exam. Great.

I think I’ll stay in bed and read a little more before I do.

Today’s test went well-ish. I wasn’t prepared for what it asked but I think I handled it relatively well. I finished within the 2hr period and didn’t blank. I went to Macca’s after with a half of dozen friends or so to cool off. That was nice 🙂

I had an awful night sleep beforehand. 12:30am start, I woke up every hour (except 4am) until 5, when I made myself practice the exam.

For some reason while I was eating breakfast I had to throw up (and we know how much I hate that). Twice. My brother needed to vomit about half an hour before I. My cause was from nerves, I think.

Tomorrow will be my most stressful exam of the 7. 3 critical essays I must regurgitate within 2 hours- ugh.

the other one

Trial Exams

Hello my fabulous readers,

Just a quick update– I’m about to enter into three weeks of purgatory. I’d say hell, but it isn’t the official real-deal, exams. But they 30%, and imitate the finals. The big ones weigh 50%. Soooooo these are still pretty stressful.

To add even more stress, my mother is going into to surgery, and at bed rest for 2 weeks straight. I’m also being called a retard and other various profanities by both my mother and brother– so the home life’s pretty hard right now. I uncovered my mother’s diary last night, revealing a range of harmful thoughts she has of me. Fun.

Really, my only escape is reading. Simple as that. I wish I had more time for it. But I have to study. Since I don’t own a table and my family is too poor to afford anything else but the kitchen bar, I’ve been using that to study on. It’s situated in between my mother and brother’s room, so really I’m an open target during that time. It certainly doesn’t make studying any easier.

For now I’ll be back to studying and suffering, I hope you enjoy your week.

Things I love rn:

  • Rick Riordan’s work
  • The Holy Trinity (as in Grace, Hannah, and Mamarie)
  • Green tea (more than the usual adoration)
  • Graphic design (sometimes I go eh and am not bothered, but if I had the time I’d totally do it- I miss it)
the other one
The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5) by Rick Riordan
5/5 stars!
What a great ending to the first series! I feel so emotionally exhausted after reading that. And to think, it was only within 2 weeks. 
Now if you keep up with my reviews, you’d know that I mentioned how unfair it was in the previous book– my emotions were all over the place. Percy had not one, not two, but three love interests that came out of nowhere??? Damn, Percy, cool it would ya? 

Anyways, I can’t believe I thought the last book was playing with my emotions- OH NO. THIS WAS FAR, FAR WORSE. 5 pages in and Rachel’s already kissed him. 

JUST WHEN I THOUGHT MY PERCABETH SHIP WAS SAILING. Whoever had the idea to include Rachel (as a love interest), needs to have a talk with me. They need to know how much this actually affected me while reading the book. Percy kinda goes on a girl-drama roller coaster all throughout this book. 20 pages in and he’s like ‘eh, move outta the way Annabeth, Rachel’s here. And she’s easier to be with bc she’s so chill and artistic.’- WHICH, BY THE WAY, HURT MY HEART JUST A LITTLE MORE. But then there’s moments like the River of Styx and from that point my Percabeth feels were 104% done. 

The ending barely made up for it. But at least they had “the best underwater kiss of all time”.

Enough of the romance, let’s talk about how the world was literally ending.
You know, in about chapter 3, when they had the meeting in the ping pong area and spoke the entire time about Titan’s coming to NY on PJ’s birthday??? And PJ says at the end “oh yeah, almost forgot that’s my birthday.” ????????? W h y. Another thing to point out, one of the first pages of the novel, Percy says “oh yeah, my dad is the God of the sea”. Like. We. Didn’t. Already. Know. That???? It’s the final book of 5, you seriously think we need to be reminded of that????
Although this is a middle grade book, I couldn’t figure out the prophesies. I tried, really, I did. It was refreshing to have such a strong mystery in this ending, with such complicated yet beautiful characters, from the antagonists (Luke) to the gods (Hermes). And finding out Nico’s family???? And Zeus??? Brutal. But perfect. I wish I could read further on Maria and Hades’ time together in the 40’s. It was so interesting to read about. 
It was a bit anticlimactic for Thalia. She was really hyped up in the first two instalments, but by the end of the series she’s basically like any unclaimed demigod. Not at all what I imagined the plot for Zues’ child to have. 
I don’t want to write too much on the smack down, so all I’ll say it is epic. My favourite part was seeing the gods defeat Typhon. Especially Poseidon. Bless him and his Hawaiian shirts. 
I feel really proud on all my children! Especially Annabeth. She’s grown up so much in the five books and I want to give each of them hugs. 

I’ll eagerly be waiting to read on, hopefully it gets lighter from here on out. I mean, what could be worse than the end of the world?

Basically, this is Rick:

Titan’s Curse will come sometime soon, it just wasn’t my favourite so I don’t have much to write about. 

The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #4) by Rick Riordan

4/5 stars!
It would’ve been less but the Percabeth makes up for everything. 
You really could see the gang growing up in this one. Especially Percy. Near the end when his dear ol’ dad visited, I feared up, I felt proud for him. I feel like Percy is my child that I know deserves so much better. 
So I loved my Percabeth for the first half of the book. (The second half was angsty af and I didn’t expect that in Rick’s books, the only time acceptable for angst is whenever Nico is there- NOT MY PERCABETH BBYS).
But then not one, but two potential love interests rose to prominence. 

A Miss. Rachel and Miss. Calypso. 

I was not a fan. Rick can’t play with my emotions like this! You can’t be like “So I wrote in the last book that they held hands- SO HERE’S THEM BOTH GETTING INSANELY JEALOUS AND SAD AND LONELY BUT ALSO HERE’S THEM DOING/SAYING SOMETHING SUPER CUTE”- it’s torture for a hopeless romantic like me. Torture. 
Daedalus’ character was amazing. Nico’s character growth was notable as well. What a story. 
I would say more but I really don’t want to spoil the heartbreaking book this is. Somebody should’ve warned me how heartbreaking this book is!!! 
A mini spoiler that doesn’t effect the plot whatsoever: I’m shocked Grover got a girlfriend. Hysterical as they both are (puppy love at it’s finest), I’m glad it happened. 
Growing up, these books were always known among my peers as “boys only” books. So I never touched them. They had scary monsters and swords and Greek gods which weren’t for girls to read. I’m wondering now how many “boys only” books I’ve missed out on when they’re really just soppy pre/teen angst with super lovable cinnamon rolls fighting to save the world??? 
Can’t wait to pick up the final book from the library tomorrow!