Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

3/5 stars

Do you have any tips on how to save some money when buying books? Tell us about it!I can already hear the rest of you guys screaming “ONLY 3 STARS??? ARE YOU CRAZY?”
I want to reply, “I’m sorry, did we read the same book? How is this book so largely rated as 5/5 stars?”

This book was at such a paintstakingly long pace, I had to eventually just start skimming. A lot of the writing was unnecessary. I find this a regular issue in fantasy novels. Especially the overrated ones.
If I had to skim, why bother continuing, right?
I’m a superficial. I know, I’m sorry. The cover is so pretty. So many Goodreads users adore this series.

The first instalment was great. The writing was a little boring for me, but the concept and characters were what stuck for me.
Then the second book, I pretty much hated. I feel like not a lot happened until boom this death and this totally predictable betrayal. Romance triangle intensifies. 
And then you get to this book… And it’s like. Oh remember that love triangle that was affecting Cel’s decisions??? Forget about it. It’s no longer relevant and we’re going to pretend it doesn’t exist. Remember that character who died and Cel was super upset over, even though she’d only known her for less than a year? Yeah, that’s the new driving force for all of the protag’s decisions. This is a fantasy novel, so we’re going to use a bunch of terms you don’t understand but not give any context or definition on what they are. Just roll with it. It’s a a fantasy novel, after all. The fantasy notions we do introduce? Well, we’ll half-ass explain them and after that assume you’ll be able to visualise the entire world. 

It was very frustrating.
An issue I have with this series is the maps. Many readers love them! It’s a selling point of the book. For me; it’s a red flag. When a map is given at the start of the novel, it means to me;
“This story hasn’t explained the setting clearly enough, so we’ll give you this map to make it easier on the author and their team to let you try to visualise it without us developing it further.”



I’m looking at the map as I type this, and I’m honestly wondering why half of this stuff is notated. It’s not relevant to this book! Why bother having it? 
I think it’s safe to say, I find difficultly enjoying his book because the setting hasn’t been properly described IMO. For me, I needed a different approach to setting this world. 
Some chapters have too much or too little dialogue. I think Maas’ work would be excellently suited for a film. The action and dialogue is perfectly formatted for the medium. For a novel? Not so much. It doesn’t have that book feel to it, where I’m immersed in the characters mind. I’ve read enough reviews to see I’m not the only one who thinks Celaena is not a believable protagonist. What do I mean? Well, she’s expected to be seen as the ultimate assassin, and yet we know she either barely does anything (until ALWAYS the last 100 pages), or she suffers in whatever training she’s being induced into. 
Speaking of training, bless Rowan. His complex character brought this up from a 2/5 to a 3/5 stars. I disliked him largely in the first half of this book. But if I’m being honest; I don’t think there’s anything I liked about the first half of this book. His friendship with Cel by the end of the novel was heartwarming. 

Manon’s storyline was extremely uninteresting and unhelpful for the story. I really would prefer for it to be cut. If there is somebody out there who actually thought “oh boy, I can’t wait to find out more about Manon” please contact me. I have questions. 

The kitchen staff was an odd addition to this storyline. I did enjoy the concept that “nobody is about labour work”. But at the same time; this didn’t do anything to how I feel about the main characters or the plot. Did it lead to further introspection of Celaena? Possibly, but not powerfully. And with a book so long, things like this need to be cut in order to be better.
So… Sorscha (did I spell that right?)… I knew from the last instalment that she’d be significant. Purely because of my previous likeness to Dorian and Cel’s history; I didn’t like her.
But I found the exact page I fell in love with her character: page 538. 

“For now… she could be selfish for a little longer”.

What a beautiful introspection into her character. Her love story with Dorian is possibly more Insta-love than any other couple in this series, but I’ll excuse that for her selflessness. She reminds me a little of Sophie from The Infernal Devices.

By the end of the novel, no sufficient climax occurred. I was waiting for a throw down with Cel and Dorian, or anything about the two kingdoms crossing paths more powerfully, alas; no. On my bedside I regrettably have the following instalment, I guess I’m going to have to complete it to see if this series gets any better. 

I will predict I will be unsatisfied by it, but not blaming anybody else other than I for forcing myself to go through this. I’m the one that has chosen to read through a series I’m obviously not that impressed by, for the pure reason everybody else likes it. 
This novel certainly got better by the 400th page mark. But this is not acceptable when you have a 550 or so pages novel. This should’ve been cut down thus more direct to the point. 
Wish me luck on the next book. I’m begging myself not to read anymore but I’m forcing myself to “enjoy” it. 

PS: just a disclaimer: the writing is beautiful, at most parts. Some I wonder how it got past editing– if I submitted those lines to my high school teacher, they’d cross it out and notate a huge “????” above it. But it’s the sort of writing in which you have to enjoy a paragraph dedicated towards the colours of the grass or trees. That’s not what I want to read, damnit. If I did, I would read LOTR.
Hello my friends! 
So I’m about to share you my story of getting my tickets to Sydney’s TATINOF.
If you didn’t already know; I’m a huge fan of Phan. For 4.5 years now. I miss their old stuff by nonetheless I support them now. AND THEY’RE FINALLY COMING TO AUSTRALIA!
I was shaking while trying to order the tickets. I actually forgot the first round they held. Thankfully, they created more events and I was prepared this time. I set up the web page and got mum to standby to purchase the tickets via her PayPal. 
I managed to grab two seats, second row of the gold class (the best after VIP) tickets. 
But oh. 
Oh no.
The page HAD to freeze. It HAD to forget my details and selections of seats. I HAD to start fresh. I actually cried because the next available seats were at the back. 
I was unsatisfied with my second best choosing, and so I searched the official Facebook page for anybody reselling better tickets.
For about 2 weeks I chatted with some uni student who had no idea how to really resell, but wanted them gone. My pal and mum didn’t trust it (or for the friend; pay for the $10 extra [pathetic if you ask me]). So eventually I had to decline and apologise for ‘yanking her leg’ for half a month. 
such a beautiful ray of sunshine, how could anybody hate on him???
Anyways; I’m still going, in less than a week! I’m super excited, and will probably wear my merch, draw on some cat whiskers, and freak the fuck out. I will endure the public in the midst of my agoraphobia (which is v v high right now) for these dorks ❤ 
the other one

Day 6: same colour- red 
Day 7: best friendships- I’m gonna have to say all of the moments in Rick Riordan’s series.
Day 8: my favourite quote (of all time!)
Day 9: books about books- for Book Lover’s Day 💖📚💖 
Day 10: Chapter 10- I finished this book but there’s a bunch of photos that I’ve taken with it so???

Skipping Day 11 because it’s an ugly photo of some books in my Never To Read But Got As A Gift pile.
Day 12: 5 star book- Clockwork Princess! I read this about once a year and everytime it makes me bawl my eyes out. It has the perfect solution to a love triangle! 
Day 13: books in bed (with my awesome reading light 10/10). Book: Lost Hero (review found here!)
Day 14: Sunday sheflie- I recently pulled a bunch of books from it but here ya go. Featured are the Cage and the Lux Series (some of my faves for 2016!)
Day 15: books and glasses 
Day 16: fandom pride- hey look who it is??? I’m seeing these dorks in like a week 😎🙌🏻 ps this isn’t even all my merch I have plenty more that I hide away
Day 17: one word title- there are heaps of those but here ya go 😎 I haven’t actually read this book yet. I’m getting to it, I promise. Sorta. 
Sorry I kept you guys waiting. Enjoy the pics xx Share your link if you’re doing the challenge too, I’ll check ’em out!
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Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins


Link to the prior instalment; Sweet Evil.

3/5 stars
Don’t get me wrong– this book IS NOT bad. 
It’s just… after the epic first instalment, this was a blurgh follow up. Nothing happened for ages and I really didn’t care for her “woe is me”. Seriously: it was boring to read. I shall never put myself through that ever again. 
However, once Kai and Anna started talking again (bless), and the whole jealous love triangle with Kope started to take its course– I was back into reading it. It’s a shame one of the only redeeming qualities of this book is the love love triangle. It’s so cliche to enjoy, but really; it’s fun to see the son of Wrath, Lust and the daughter of Substance Abuse get into a dramatic, teen angst ridden commotion. 
I didn’t enjoy Zania’s plot that much. 
Blake made me smile whenever the was mentioned. He has some lighthearted goodness that adds to the book.
This book was pretty tame compared to the previous, which was a shame. It’s basically Anna in her own little world thinking about “shoulda woulda coulda”. 
But this book IS filled with such adorable, somewhat fluffy (in a sinful way?) moments, that I hugged the book at some point. It’s one of the only things that made me want to continue reading the book.
The “other Anna” was a weird plot device that I don’t completely understand. She could’ve been called anything else and it would make no difference, except possibly a clearer understanding on who’s who. There’s a reason characters have different names. 
Flynn’s fate was upsetting. However, it didn’t impact me that much since he was only brought in at the end of the last book?? 
Kope is still a mystery to me. His character detail began really strong, and by the end of it he’s basically nonexistent.
Basically, this book had a lot of potential. But it did not succeed to said potential. However, I am a faithful shipper to Kai and Anna, so I’ve got to read on.
Would I reread this? Nope. At least not the first half. Once Anna is in California, maybe. 
This book kinda lost its touch of sinful magic. Not a huge disappointment, but I’m sad for my loss. I thought this was going to be a new fave paranormal series of mine. But this book ruined it for me. 

Let’s hope the next one is better!

Now I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to Facebook, per se.

But I would most definitely say I have an urge to see if somebody has messaged me on Facebook, when I know there’s no reason for anybody to message me. I’ve tried to cut back already by deleting the app and messaging my friends on my phone.

What is it that I love about a meaningless scroll through Facebook?

I actually hate to do it on Instagram, particularly on personal accounts. It’s so dull.

But Facebook?

It has partially to do with what was mentioned earlier, about my need to see if I’m needed or thought of from somebody else.

But I think it’s also being in the ‘know’ of things. Buzzfeed is also addictive.

I may have 2x 1000 word essays to memorise in 1 night, but that evanescent need continues to lurk in the back of my mind.

I read on Goodreads one of my friends has successfully changed their Facebook addiction to a even larger book addiction.

Wouldn’t we all love to have extra time to read?

So I talked to them some more about how they did it.

They said that everytime they had an urge to feed that need to check Facebook meaninglessly, they would pick up a book.

I think I’m going to try this out! I encourage you to all try this too, whether for a day, week or month! You don’t have to set a duration, but it’d be easier to stick to it rather than breaking it.

How to Get Started:

  1. Make sure you have enough books to wizz through 😉 Don’t have enough money? GO TO THE LIBRARY. Since I have a particular genre I usually stick to (YA- paranormal- romance), most of the books the library has gotten are untouched. They’re NOT all ‘gross and old’. Give it a go! 
  2. Yes, check Facebook one last time. 
  3. Tell all your friends (your REAL friends, not your Facebook ‘friends’) where else they can contact you for the duration of your challenge. Texting or emailing is always good. 
  4. Bring a book where-ever you go. If you’re doing things such as studying, like myself, try to read between an interval. Such as every 40 mins of study= 15 mins reading time. 
  5. You’re good to go! Enjoy your detox of boring and meaningless web articles and say hello to the beauty of another world! 

Signs You May Be Addicted to Facebook

2.Checking Facebook whenever possible
3. Overly concerned with your Facebook image
4. Mundane status updates
5. Spending HOURS each day on Facebook

To see how long you spend on an iPhone, go into settings > general > usage. Tap anywhere on the list to see the hours as well as the percentage.
6. Friend addiction
7. Over-reliance on social media life
Note: This challenge is not exclusive to Facebook. It may include all or any social media platform. Good luck!
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Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey 
5/5 stars
Maybe it’s because it’s 3am? Or maybe it’s because it’s just that good? Who knows. But this is a 5/5 stars. 
I’m writing this review after accidentally reading to the early hours of the morning, so excuse me if this is incomprehensible.
So for the first 30%, it was you’re average paranormal romance / betrothed teen love story. 
But then around that 35%- all hell broke loose. And I hated it. Not in a “the writing is unbearable”. More in a “I’m ugly sobbing for the main character bc she doesn’t deserve his emotional whiplash.” Bc oh man, the ship in this is so intense. I do admit I’ve read similar twilight fan fictions, but around the end of the book, Luc’s melancholy reminded me waaaaaaay too much of Edward’s.
Except Luc is a badass warrior prince. While Edward was just hella suicidal.
Both fiercely protective and possessive- but hey, each to their own. I’m sure reasonable young girls feel repulsed my that.
Somehow my twisted my has been conditioned to enjoy that. And oh, did I.
Lemme say RN I wish to never go through the pain of reading about Faith ever again. 
I think I’m emotionally scarred from her awfulness and this entire thing:
1) first and foremost; is fictitious
2) didn’t even happen to ME
I’m an extreme jealous type, no matter how hard I try not to be, and during the middle of this book, all there is, is jealousy central. I felt like I was in pain, physically. I could feel both of the character’s feelings so strongly. The writing was epic. Don’t let the corny title fool you; it’s beautifully written.
And the sass. Oh boy, the sass. 
I should disclaim and say it was 1000% sassy for the first 30%. But ya know; I’ve been over this, pain and angst enters and I suddenly was not okay.
The final 30% was just a massive clusterfuck. I’m not even sure what was going on. It was kinda like Bella chasing Edward in the Voltera in New Moon, but with more war and mind games. And Red Riding Hood analogies.
So much happens in this book, and it’s only about 350 pages long… I don’t know how, but it was really in depth. I guess that’s part of the beauty of this book’s writing. 
I’m still trying to process the magnificent story I just read. The last 70 pages could’ve been stretched out muuuuuuuuch further. It was just BANG BANG dead MORE GUTS sadness LOVE??? NAH MORE pain YAY ENDING.
And yet I swear we had about 3 chapters dedicated to horse riding.
This book is a twihard fanatic’s best guilty pleasure. 
The only essential difference I want in this book is more from the Guide. The whole book is dedicated to the guide, but we get like 4 exerts. I’m so glad we got those, because they were so enjoyable to read. But more is need!!! Especially if the book is named after it! Pleaaaaase.
I’m so glad the book didn’t end on a super big cliff hanger.
I sort of hate Luc. By the end of it, he wasn’t the charming prince who loved his little betrothed. He was some adult who wanted war and pain??? And I’m like woah there I don’t need this is my trashy paranormal romance thx. I’m not really sure how it’s possible, but he got less sexy as the book progressed??? Like at the start I was literally buzzing feeling the chemistry those guys had. When it got to their final proclamations of love, I was like “eh”. It was so-so. I feel like they went from cutie pie teens who both have a love/hate relationship, to these two jaded rulers who were way to old to be in a YA novel. I didn’t like the new mindset. It truly felt as if the book had been split in half; one with the quirky, hysterical YA side, and the final half was this dark, waaaay more adult themed storyline. 
The world at the beginning is an all time fave of mine. The ending’s… well that definitely is not. 
I recommend this to; people who loved the setting of the first VA book, Hush, Hush fans, Sweet Evil fans, radical fanatics of Katie and Daemon from the Lux Series, epic twific readers (if you still exist), and of course; twilight fans. 

TL;DR: It’s 3am. I’m delirious. This book sounds cliche, but hot damn: it isn’t. Go read it if you’ve ever enjoyed any hate to love paranormal romance.
The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, #1) by Rick Riordan

3/5 stars
The book started really strong! The characters were introduced beautifully and there was a ton of action to welcome us back into the series. 
But then at about page 300, the book dragged on like I’ve never read before (in Rick’s work). It went from a 5/5 to a 2/5. The scene with Medea took forever to pass; and it wan’t that enjoyable to read! 
At about page 350, the characters just stopped being the light-hearted, loving characters that Rick creates. No, no. They turned into; gloomy, angst-ridden teens, literally trying to discover who they were. At first, I found the concept interesting. But every chapter morphed into one clumpy melodramatic telling of a teen’s woe. And that is NOT what I signed up for in this bad-ass series! It’s a shame, because I was really excited to read more into this terrific world. But it made me go into a book slump, which automatically makes this book a not-so-fave of mine. I would say failure; but cmon. It was still really cool. It just needed to be shortened. The almost 600 page book should’ve been halved. 
The issue with this book is that it’s not memorable. Or should I say, as memorable as the PJO stories. Maybe it’s the concept of Roman gods? Immediately once I started reading them, it turned boring for me. Maybe it reminds me too much like my ancient history class? Who knows. The Greek versions seem so powerful and mighty… while the Roman depiction kinda makes them a poor knock-off version. I need to clarify: I mean the representations in this novel; not the actual mythology. 
Finally finishing the novel was enjoyable. I can safely say I will never reread this. Too long and dragged out; I’d rather skip to the next book. 
Funny lines that I laughed at whilst reading the final section of the book: (no spoilers)
1. “‘Traitor!’ Hera shouted. ‘You middlesome, D-list goddess! You aren’t worthy to pour my wine, much less rule the world'”.– I’ll forever be using this line to my friends. 
2. ‘”I can’t believe I thought you were hot.’
Khione’s face turned red. ‘Hot? You dare insult me? I am cold, Leo Valdez. Very, very cold.'”– Perfect scene with the snow goddess. 
3.'”In case you think I’m not a true daughter of Aphrodite,’ Piper said, “don;t even LOOK at Jason Grace. Hey may not know it yet, but he’s MINE. If you even try to make a move, I will load you into a catapult and shoot you across Long Island Sound.”‘– Go Piper! My entire reaction to that was just:

The ending was a perfect tie-in. I actually do want to read it now, mainly for Percy. The final line of “Percy Jackson is at the other camp, and he is probably doesn’t even remember who he is.” MADE ME SHIVER.

Reviewing Style

I saw this post in a book club meeting, and thought this is a great way to format reviews.

Book Club Questions for Fiction / Novels

Use our general fiction questions when you can’t find specific discussion questions. They’re basic but smart.

1. How did you experience the book? Were you engaged immediately, or did it take you a while to
“get into it”? How did you feel reading it—amused,
sad, disturbed, confused, bored…?

2. Describe the main characters—personality traits, motivations, and inner qualities.
• Why do characters do what they do?
• Are their actions justified?
• Describe the dynamics between characters (in a
   marriage, family, or friendship).
• How has the past shaped their lives?
• Do you admire or disapprove of them?
• Do they remind you of people you know?

3. Are the main characters dynamic—changing or maturing by the end of the book? Do they learn about themselves, how the world works and their role in it?

4. Discuss the plot:
• Is it engaging—do you find the story interesting?
• Is this a plot-driven book—a fast-paced page-turner?
• Does the plot unfold slowly with a focus on character?
• Were you surprised by complications, twists & turns?
• Did you find the plot predictable, even formulaic?

5. Talk about the book’s structure.
• Is it a continuous story…or interlocking short stories?
• Does the time-line move forward chronologically?
• Does time shift back & forth from past to present?
• Is there a single viewpoint or shifting viewpoints?
• Why might the author have chosen to tell the story
   the way he or she did?
• What difference does the structure make in the way
   you read or understand the book?

6. What main ideas—themes—does the author explore? (Consider the title, often a clue to a theme.) Does the author use symbols to reinforce the main ideas? (See our free LitCourses on both Symbol and Theme.)

7. What passages strike you as insightful, even profound? Perhaps a bit of dialog that’s funny or poignant or that encapsulates a character? Maybe there’s a particular comment that states the book’s thematic concerns?

8. Is the ending satisfying? If so, why? If not, why not…and how would you change it?

9. If you could ask the author a question, what would you ask? Have you read other books by the same author? If so how does this book compare. If not, does this book inspire you to read others?

10. Has this novel changed you—broadened your perspective? Have you learned something new or been exposed to different ideas about people or a certain part of the world?
(Questions by LitLovers. Please feel free to use them, online or off, with attribution. Thanks.)

Thanks to megnxmarie for tagging anybody who read there tag.

The Rules:

Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
Thank the blogger who tagged you!
Tag 10 other people to do the tag and spread the love!

1. Reading on the couch or on the bed?
My bed for sure! My couch isn’t comfy :/

2. Male main character or female main character?
Female, mainly after The Maze Runner’s incident, I don’t enjoy it that often. 

3. Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?
No snacks! I get my fingers messy and I wouldn’t want to damage the books.

4. Trilogies or Quartets?
Most of my favourite series are 4+ books, so I’ll go with that. But I do think a series can fit nicely in 3.

5. First person point of view or third person point of view?
I used to say 1st but recently I’ve started to enjoy more 3rd person. They’re usually better written.

6. Reading at night or reading in the morning?
Night owl represent! The daytime distracts me too much and it’s constantly noisey outside my house.

7. Libraries or book stores?
LIBRARIES! What beautiful sanctuaries they are! Sure, they kinda smell like old people. But since going there, I’ve been introduced to so many people! Fictional and otherwise! I also have been welcomed in to a YA Book club. It’s incredible and I love the environment. Book stores are pretty crap in Australia, so there’s not a lot to offer. They are all franchised and impersonal. Once you’ve read the top ten on the genres you’re interested in; good luck finding another book! 

8. Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?
Cry. Definitely cry. I like to suffer.

9. Black book covers or white book covers?
Gonna have to say black. I can see myself dirtifying anything white. I must clarify; I’m not a disgusting slob. I’m just really clumsy. 

10. Character-driven or plot-driven stories?
I’ve thought about it and I’m gonna have to say characters. I’m in it for the awesome fiction people. If there’s a great story out there, for example any classical novel, with characters I can’t relate to or are too 2 dimensional… then I hate the book. It’s gotta have it’s share of quirky, yet lovable characters. For me, at least.
I have nobody to tag so if you want to do it go ahead!

This isn’t really for you guys, it’s more so you guys know what I’ll be reading in the next few days.

I really want to improve my blog, and make the best content I can contribute!

Here’s a list of articles that I’ll be reading to improve my blog:

I also subscribed to all of them 🙂

the other one