I haven’t bought books online for such a long time. Except for two… Advertisements

Beyond the Books is a weekly meme where Karen throws out a prompt (mostly non-bookish), and we all blog about it. Come back here and share your fun update. Then, we...

not worth reading unless you thought I was dead

Haha greetings, friends! This is just to say g’day, I’m not dead. I just had my final busy weeks in uni and couldn’t read!   But today is my first day...

To be frank, I really enjoy podcasts! I think they're a little old fashioned, but it's become a habit of mine to fall asleep listening to one. 

I love this post, and since I told everybody a few weeks ago about my own need to re-organise my life, I found this super handy!

I think a basic thing anyone must know about me is that I hate shopping. But Mum and I actually had a pleasant time going to Birkenhead Point.

Aw hell yeah. I just paid $53 for a rockin' theme.

Tuesday marked my 18th birthday. I received a tonne of books and bookish goods :D