Popular Books I Didn’t Enjoy

Want to know the worst stories I’ve ever read? Here’s a list of 11 not-so-sweet memories from some wildly popular authors, including John Green and Rainbow Rowell.

Please note these are simply personal preference, and I totally respect if you enjoy any of these books/authors!!! 😀 Continue reading

What to Read if You Love YA Contemporary

For somebody who proclaims they don’t read much of this genre; I sure to read a lot of it. Don’t get me wrong; my Read ratio is still largely dominated by YA fantasy, but I didn’t realise how many of my absolute faves were YA contemporary. This listicle includes a list of my favourite YA contemporaries, from thrillers to romance! So if you think you’re not really into YA contemporary (maybe a famous NYT Best Selling Author ruined it for you) or you’re super keen for some new recs, be ready to see, what I think, are the Top 5 contemporaries in YA fiction.

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6 of My Favourite Book Heroes/Villains

A blog prompted me to write this post, but they were more talking about heroes in respect to romance novels. I decided to tweak it a little bit to suit my YA genre a little better. Just a quick warning: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS. Continue reading

The Best Way to Use Online Bookshelves (like Goodreads)

A lot of my friends won’t sign up to the great world of book social networking because of the outdated and complex ways the sites are run. I can confidently say, after joining Goodreads in 2013, I’ve navigated the do’s and don’ts of virtual bookshelves! Continue reading

YA Contemporaries Perfect for Spring Time

I know this may sound odd. Many of you are from the northern hemisphere, you see. on the other hand, am not. In Australia, spring has sprung, and I want to talk to you about my favourite genre to read when it starts to get hot: YA Contemporary.  Continue reading