Cal's Constant Raving Reviews

Welcome to a fun and festive reading game, hosted by Cal (@ Constant Raving Reviews). The aim of this game is to indulge in one of the most celebrated holidays around...

I thought throwing myself into an intense challenge may inspire me to reconnect with reading.

Hi friends! I know I’ve been super inactive, ever since I did #theReadingQuest but hey! The host made a new game and it’s all about Animal Crossing! Yay! 

Time for some answers and winners to be announced :) 

Since I did every book challenge, I'm sure you don't want to hear about every book.  Here's a list of the top rated books I read!

Hello and welcome to a new game on my blog! There's prizes up for grabs, first come first served.

Today's the final day of #theReadingQuest !

So somebody told me in my last post that the cut off date is the 10th of September; not the 13th!!! Eek!!! Some super intense reading has booked up my whole weekend, now!

Just a quick update on how my challenge is going.

Even though many of you guys are not Australian, I think this is a great step for all of the community. If you're not Aussie; feel free to join in as...