Hello and welcome to my book blog!

When I’m not reading or on Goodreads/blogging, I like to spend my time; chilling at the library, in a competitive round of a board game, or scrapbooking— all accompanied with a cup of green tea! Sometimes (once in a blue moon), I’ll play my flute.

I love meeting new bookreaders online, and discussing books. Feel free to friend, message, or comment to me– I’m always happy to interact.

Please know, before you add me and realise you dislike my book preferences, a perfect summary I like to warn people is with;

I adore:

Twilight and A Court of Mist and Fury.

But I do NOT enjoy:

Harry Potter.

(please don’t send hate)

My Rating System:

5 stars: I LOVE THIS BOOK/series. I will tell all my friends about it. I will reread this… almost immediately. I will definitely buy this book.

4 stars: I adored this book, but it’s missing one of the factors from above (eg I wouldn’t tell my friends about it).

3 stars: It was fine. It wasn’t terribly interesting or well written, and I may not reread it. I wouldn’t buy this book.

2 stars: A waste of my time. This book, if popular, is terribly overhyped and not well written.

1 star: Kill me. How could anybody let me spend my time with this??? Not happy. Will probably be sout about it for a week, and then forevermore avoid the book/series.

“If you don’t like somebody’s story; write your own.”

If you wish to contact me (thanks btw), head on over to my contact page please.


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  2. Hello fellow book reader! The book blogging community is super nice so don’t worry about any hate for different interests. Also, I love Twilight too! And I’ve never even read Harry Potter, nor do I plan to, so I think we would get along fine!


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