Bookish Wishes…

If you had three wishes related to books, what would you wish for? 

The Amnesia Spell

I would wish that everytime I finish a book 5/5 stars; that I’d immediately forget it. So when I reread it, I enjoy just as much as I did the first time I read it!


To Be A Part of the Inner Circle


Need I say anymore? My life would be complete.


Meet either: Cassandra Clare OR my favourite Booktubers

Preferably just magically become friends with them. Booktubers are the best in the bookish community, and I love laughing at their videos and sharing the same opinions as me.



What would you wish for?


4 Comments on “Bookish Wishes…

  1. #1 would be all the books because it’s good to have a steady supply of reading materials
    #2 to be able to have the power to read my dnf books
    #3 to go to book con & book expo (it might happen!!!)
    #4 for reviews to magically transfer from my brain to the computer so I can spend more time reading and less time reviewing 🙂

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