A Day in the City with Mum

I think a basic thing anyone must know about me is that I hate shopping. But Mum and I actually had a pleasant time going to Birkenhead Point.

We didn’t have anything in particular with our shopping trip; but I ended up with heap of cool stuff that I can’t wait to thrash! 

All- in -all, Mum bought me some great new uni clothes and pjs 😀 Plus a funky, shiny pink top woo woo (perfect now that I’m 18 and readdddyyy to party not really please know this is a joke, I’m joking- DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY).


Pictures from our previous adventure into the city:

Highlights: Haigh’s Factory, Kate Spade store (hence all the adorably-cute animal accessories) and lunch at some Italian place. 


I hope you enjoyed my Not So Bookish blog update!



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