Trying to Re-Organise Myself #1

This is a mission of mine. Basically; I feel blurgh. I’m home five days a week, probably only one of those days is actually doing uni work. So that leaves 4 days of me feeling like death and blurgh-ness.

I know, I know. Cal, shut up. You’re complaining that you have too much free time. Shut. Up.


I get that. But get this: I feel blurgh-y. So it’s not really free time.

So last week I tried to counteract my evergoing affects of mental illness blurgh-iness, and made this little motivator:

IMG_0208 (2)

My aims were to:

  • Think Pink- otherwise, it a less dark cloud kind of way.
  • No Complaining- this lasted ten minutes but hey, it relates to point #1.
  • Meditate- This one was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used the app Breathe.
  • Read & Write- Frankly, I kept up my habit of reading (but not a whole lot, I’ve been addicted to the Office) I didn’t do any recreational reading aside from my blog updates; #TheReadingQuest Update 1New Blog Additions!, & Book Clubs.
  • Be productive- Well. I studied this week. For a day and bit. So that’s a bit more than my other weeks.


Overall, this improved my week. I especially enjoyed meditating.


I’ve spent some time scavenging Pinterest for future ideas, and enjoyed these two posters:

work from home


Also this week: I installed some New Blog Additions!


For future improvement, I’m going to schedule a few new segments on this blog and start bullet-journalling. And clearing out my room.


Wish me luck. If you have any tips, please share them. I’m a slob. And a stay at home daughter. I’ve got plenty of time to read your stuff.


4 Comments on “Trying to Re-Organise Myself #1

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  2. All very positive. Meditation sounds the go . Plenty of pursuits in your list to keep you occupied. Well done


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