Review: Wintersong

Wintersong Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Me, currently and forever more: (I’m sorry if you don’t like gifs I swear there’s only 1 more pls don’t let it stop you from reading how much I love this book)



I have tears running down my face as I write this review… THIS BOOK HAS RUINED ME.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, aka my notes/updates while reading this book, to see how far I’ve come:
1: Goblin’s aren’t my thing but this book is super popular atm and it looked nice in the library so let’s give it a goooo 🙂
2: “OKAY I ONLY READ THE PREFACE AND I LOVE THIS BOOK (but ew Goblins how are gonna turn into sexy mythical creatures that teens fawn over????)
3: I’m confused who was the little girl from the preface was?

Was it Leisl or Kathe (her sister)?

And when we read that Leisl is “dark”– does that mean she’s black or has a ‘tanned’ complexion?
4:”Oh so (view spoiler)

I’m so happy it was her in the garden! I’m really enjoying this book. I’m taking forever to read it. I’ve started fastening my pace as some details are not as important (ie the markets). (hide spoiler)]
5: Okay I’m getting bored with the music stuff in this book.

I want the Goblin King to come back!

Kathe is annoying me sososososo much wow.
6: The writing style is so beautiful 🙂

Typical story, not an original plot, but I’m still really enjoying it!
7: YESSSSSS that last chapter was INTENSE af and amazing and passionate wow wow wow now I’m up to what we’ve all been waiting for: The Goblin Queen

This books is amazing oml
8: This is the most poetic sexy scene I’ve ever read and it’s so weird bc I feel like she’s talking about everything amazing in life but really she wants that D omg.

I have to end it hear or else I’ll stay up reading this for the rest of the night!!!

I LOVE THIS BOOK, GUYS! IT’S PROBABLY A 5/5 STARS! (Let’s see how the ending goes)
9: This book has the best quotes??
10: “I would rather light the flame, knowing it will go out, than to sit forever in darkness.”

11: This girl needs to cool it omg she played the piano so passionately she got a nosebleed
12: I have a theory one of the siblings is going to die…
13: Wow intense moment yes yes yes
14: So close to the end and I don’t want this story to be over!!!

And now I’m here. Crying. Because I THOUGHT I would be safe with a HEA with 30 pages to go… but no.

The Goblin King and Elizabeth’s ending ripped my heart out and tore into pieces.

And I love that. Really, I do. It was a brilliant ending.

It also had a brilliant beginning.

And middle.

Okay so it was brilliant the entire way through. I usually never feel that way with a book. But this book is now my baby. I don’t ever want to put it down.

I can’t really function right now to beginning reviewing this book, but I’ll try (I’m sorry). THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW IF YOU’RE THINKING OF READING THIS BOOK AND WANT MY OPINION:

– I thought I would hate this book, bc um?? Goblins?? No thanks? I’m more for vamps and fallen angels. Ohhhhhhh but then S. Jae-Jones performed a miracle and blessed me with my new fictional husband aka “eternal betrothed”: The Goblin King.

and ladieeeees and genttttsssss;

Holy. Hot. Damn. What a guy. I’m not going to say anything else about him, except: if you adored Mark or Kieran in Clare’s TDA Lady Midnight, CHECK THIS BOOK THE HECCKKK OUT. RIGHT NOW. I MEAN IT.
– I kept getting confused with when and where this book was set up? It has super old traditions and PHRASING I thought it just HAD to be translated. Bc theres quite a bit of German in this. Which is fine. My little Aussie mind just doesn’t have to cultural diversity to even know how to pronounce in my head, half the phrases.
– This book is a retelling of the Labyrinth (for 2/3s), and Beauty and the Beast (for the first 1/3). It has some great references to those gorgeous tales, as well as other fables such as Little Red Riding Hood.
– Everything in this book is written so beautifully. If you want a light hearted read, look away. This book is intense, with at least 3 quotable sentences PER PAGE. It has this beautiful set up of fairy lights and the underworld, which you just can’t skim over.

I want to say more about this book but honestly, as somebody who went into this book knowing nothing, I think it’s best. Because it’s a retelling, so the suspense is more rare and valuable, IMO.

There are way too many quotes for me to show you guys. And it’s not fair to pick out my favourites. I think it’s necessary to paste the entire book, that seems just 😀

I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO: those who enjoyed;
Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty Universe, #1) by Rosamund Hodge
Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1) by Amanda Hocking
A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2) by Sarah J. Maas
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1) by Beth Fantaskey

So if you like ANY of those books; I GUARANTEE YOU WILL ENJOY THIS NOVEL. Like every aspect of it. From beginning to end.


k bye I’m dying now THE ENDING. THE. ENDING. WOW. NO. D;

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  6. The gifs made me smile. 🙂 From your review I think you really liked this book! LOL
    I actually like goblins now and then and a cross between Labyrinth and Beauty and the Beast really gets my attention. That plus the 7 billion/5 stars,
    I will check this out. Thanks for sharing and linking to MM.


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