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Heya! MASSIVE blog posts will come AFTER I finish my HUGE exams. HOWEVER, I still have one more exam in 5 days… so I took today off from studying to do a quick re-organisation of bookish goodness. I’ve refined my TBR, mainly because I will have 20 free days of nothingness before my schoolies/vacation to NYC. Issue? I can’t bring any paper/hardbacks! Just my kindle. I did a sneaky photoshoot while reorganising:… Read More

Hello, blog readers! More book memes will be coming to you, but I thought I’d first update you. I’m still as obsessed to Twilight as ever. S much so that at the sleepover at best friend’s house had an entire hour dedicated towards Tashapolis’ exploration of the movie set. At about 3:30 yesterday, my friend picked me up and we went to her formal (prom) dress fitting– very glamorous. I want to… Read More

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon 3/5 stars. Honestly, this started as a 4/5 but slowly got worse. I’m sorry that happened, I didn’t see it coming but it did Why is this a 3/5 stars? 1. If you kept up to date with my status updates, you’d know this was super instalove centric. And I know, this is a typical thing reviewers complain about in YA Romances… but this one… Read More

G’day, my fellow dudes. Today we’re going to hit it off with Mailbox Monday. The last time I made this, it was a week before my birthday. Now it’s a month later, and boy, did I get a lot of books. Over 20, in fact.  I spent my birthday evening showing my best friend all the books I got, and why I’m excited to read them.  Already I’ve read a few:  Falling Under… Read More

The final book meme for this week is inspired by Sugar and Snark.  post a characteristic and choose 5 of our favorite cover’s with that characteristic The theme I’m picking is: Couples (preferably embracing) 5: This Shattered World I just love how they’re reaching for each other. Although, I hated that his shirt was undone. It was embarrassing to read in public. 4: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer I adore all three covers in… Read More

Saturday’s Book Meme is inspired by The Hardcover Lover. Criteria for the mini soundtrack: Include a song that you think goes well with the beginning of your chosen book Include a song you think fits a character in your chosen book Include a song that represents a relationship in your chosen book Include a song that fits the ending of the book  This soundtrack is for Stolen: A Letter to My Captor Beginning of… Read More