Under Pressure- Queen & David Bowie (isolated vocals)

Under Pressure - Queen & David Bowie (isolated vocals) pic.twitter.com/uNK3x5nbwf— Isolated vocals (@lsolatedVocaIs) June 25, 2016//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js



An entire day dedicated to all my history topics?Yes, please!However, I had to wake up at 4:20PM, catch a 2hr bus, sit in 4 lectures, which weren't useful, and then take 3 hrs to get home?Ugh.The cherry on top was that one of the lecturers was an absolute asshole.I don't think large universities that take [...]

A Rainy Weekend

Hoorah! Hoorah!It's raining this weekend. Like, bigtime. In the midst of last night, I woke up from my bed radically banging on the wall. The wind was shaking my entire house!It's all fun and games until the power turns off.Thankfully, that little mishap only lasted a few minutes. (I needz ma internet and electric blanket)Luckily, [...]

Lament Review

Lament by Maggie StiefvaterMaybe 3.5 stars? I haven't decided.To be fair, I wasn't expecting this book to be phenomenal or anything of the sorts. After all, I did find it in a Goodread's "Worst Paranormal YA Romance" list. Which I need to address-- this wasn't paranormal? It was fantasy???If you liked Mark Blackthorn from Lady Midnight, [...]